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Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation (KCEDF) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the managed growth and development of Kiowa County and the welfare of its residents.

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Eads CRP Report

In March, Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation (KCEDF) assisted the Town of Eads in organizing a downtown revitalization assessment through the Community Revitalization Partnership (CRP).  The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) and the Colorado Community Revitalization Association (CCRA) coordinated the administration of the program which was designed to provide information about the strengths and opportunities of the downtown and create the foundation for a work plan.   The CRP report, which includes a review of the downtown’s appearance, potential markets, retail opportunities, and a general analysis of strengths and weaknesses, has been received and is available for public review.

 The CRP report will prove a valuable tool in the continued efforts of the Downtown and Around Town Committee, a group of local volunteers who are committed to the revitalization of the downtown and highway areas of the community.  To date, the Committee has been responsible for much needed cleanup projects and the painting of several downtown buildings.  The CRP report will enable the Committee to make plans for additional landscaping and streetscape design.  The Downtown and Around Town Committee will meet on June 5 at 5:30 pm in the back room at Karen’s Kountry Kitchen.  Anyone who is interested in any aspect of downtown and highway revitalization is encouraged to attend.  KCEDF would like to see similar volunteer groups organized in all Kiowa County communities.


 The continued improvement to the aesthetics of the county is important to increasing tourism opportunities.  Heritage and nature based tourism are strong prospects for this area. 

 Bird watching and wildlife viewing are becoming very popular.  Over 400 species of birds can be found in Southeast Colorado and, according to Colorado Audubon, almost every species of bird in the State has been seen at the Great Plains Reservoirs.  Bird watchers average salaries of $80,000 per year and appreciate quality local lodging and meals.  They like to spend the middle of the day shopping, not at large chain stores, but in small, specialty or niche shops.

 As we are all aware, heritage tourists will descend on the area when the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site is opened to the public.  I cannot emphasize enough that we must begin now if we are to adequately prepare for this influx of visitors.  Negative comments travel much faster than positive ones, and if the first visitors do not have a good first impression of our community, future tourists may visit Sand Creek, but stay, shop and eat in other neighboring counties.  Heritage visitors account for 38% of Colorado tourists.  In addition to Sand Creek, there are many other opportunities for heritage tourism in the county.  Museums, historic buildings such as the Nation’s Smallest Jail, working farms and ranches, ranch rodeos, and authentic interpretations of history are all assets.  Heritage tourists tend to stay longer and spend more per day than the average Colorado tourist.  About 59% of heritage travelers earn more than $50,000.  At the present time, only 8% of heritage tourists spend the night in the Southeast region.  If they don’t spend the night, they are most likely not in the area long enough to shop and eat more than one meal.  Heritage travelers also like great food and shopping in small stores and galleries.  The Southeast Regional Tourism Group has recently received $315,000 in grant funding to plan and promote heritage tourism in the six county region.  Kiowa County must step up with broader participation to receive the full benefit of these funds.  KCEDF is forming a tourism group to address the needs associated with tourism promotion.  Participation will be needed from ALL AREAS of the county.  If you are interested, please contact the KCEDF office.  The first meeting will be held at a time and place to be determined in June.  The group will address brochure design, internet promotions, simple data entry, local tourism promotion and attraction and other areas as needed.  This is an opportunity to participate in something fun, yet productive for Kiowa County, our businesses and our residents. 


Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation welcomes comments and suggestions.  If you have questions, please call 719-438-2200.


PO Box 250
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